RedShark Looks at 8K Workflows with RED & G-Tech

G-Technology Red Mini Mag ev Series ReaderRED has partnered with G-Technology to create the ev series RED Mini Mag reader, an adaptor for RED media that allows to transfer your footage to G-Technology ecosystems. G-Technology’s G-SPEED Studio XL comes in sizes up to 60TB and for shared storage, the G-Rack is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) with up to 500GB, that’s simple to set up and manage.
Recently we've been working with RED and G-Technology to look at some of the issues surrounding working with greater than 4K resolutions. This time, we're looking at workflows. First of all, let’s look at why you might want to work in 8K. Of all the possible reasons, the least likely one right now is that you’re going to show your work in 8K resolution. Options for 8K display are extremely limited. This will change, and no-one knows how quickly. (Everyone said when 4K came out it would be decades before it was in common use and now 90% of the TVs in the shops are 4K.) But now that you can shoot in 8K, it makes sense to preserve that extreme resolution as long as you can. Why? Because everything derived from your 8K “master” will look better, from cinema all the way down to a YouTube video viewed on a smartphone... [continue reading on RedShark News]

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