RedShark News - On the road with a TouchBar Macbook Pro, Resolve and a G-Technology Thunderbolt RAID

Need a portable 4K production setup? Read this review from a veteran travelling producer/director.
...I found the G-Technology quiet, with no problems at home on a desk and a low fan noise that’s not intrusive. Over the three weeks, I used the RAID for numerous tasks on 4K edits, including files generated from a C700 in a 4K DPX workflow playing back in Premiere CC. It achieved a real-time 25fps playback through the entire system and viewing on the external monitor. My old Mac and RAID could never have done this. .. What I have listed is a portable 4K production setup that works for me, on set, in a hotel room and back at home. You might need something different or custom to your needs, but with this equipment I have to make a living using it, pay for my life and family. I am a fanboy of all the above because it lets me do that and the updated devices have improved how that happens I would say quite significantly, along with clients that can see the difference in results....[continue reading]
We're big fans of G-Technology storage solutions. Check out our RAID solutions here from G-Technology. We also have HP zBook mobile workstation recommendations especially designed for 4K editing!

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