RedShark review G-Tech G-Raid 8TB: workhorse high performance RAID

Screen_Shot_2015-04-20_at_10.42.50_AMVideoguys has always recommended G-Tech G-RAID drives to our custoerms. They offer a winning combination of high performanc, reliability and style. The folks over at RedShark come to the same conclusion. With 8TB G-RAIDs starting at $599 they are a great choice for video editors.
RedShark There are two removable drives in the unit, and it’s configurable for speed or redundancy (or JBOD). If you’re working in striped mode, you’ll need to swap drives in pairs! This is a high performance array for heavy duty media use. The speed is good across the USB 3.0 interface. We found it topped out at just over 300 MB/s, which is very usefully fast. Easily enough for punishing applications like video editing. G-Technology uses Enterprise-Class drives. This isn’t just a branding exercise: they last longer and are designed for a heavy duty life-cycle. This is backed up by a three year warranty and free support for that entire period. read more...

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