Remote Local TV News Production is Here

One of the most interesting outcomes of social distancing has been it's effect on the entertainment industry- specifically television.

Many productions need to occur every day, or at least every week- including the news. Of course, production from inside a studio is no longer possible, but the show must go on.

At home live streaming has taken a new place in television, as news, tv shows and more turn to these solutions to keep their projects going.

For news productions, streaming is incredibly important, as production must take place every day. For KTTV's Fox 11's Good Day LA, a new workflow had to be worked out quickly.

Production went from taking place in a major studio, to the homes of their anchors. KTTV's host, Rita Garcia, and some other members of the news crew created an impromptu set in the anchors home. They now use it to create an at home stream, daily.

One of the key pieces to this workflow is the LiveU Solo. This device provides exceptional coverage for the news team to stream, and continue producing high quality content.

Check out this article from The LA Times, HERE, to learn more.

Learn more about LiveU HERE.

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