Remote Production is Here to Stay!

As the world is slowly transitioning back into society since the Coronavirus Pandemic, remote work seems to be seems to be staying still - and not just for the near future. The pandemic has permanently made an impact on the work force, especially production work, allowing employees work from home and giving companies the opportunity to hire employees from all around the globe.



Michele Sciolette, Cinesite Group CTO says "But today we know, with a direct first-hand experience, that remote production is possible while maintaining a high level of productivity.”

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and cloud remote workflow has been available for some time but not utilized as it is today. The pandemic has allowed companies to explore the option to work from home and utilize the cloud. 

according to research by UK VFX reseller Escape Technology before the Pandemic, 46% of VFX companies did not allow work from home or even have the technology to allow it. But more than half of VFX companies have had success with the new normal. Although it is not as easy to adjust to this life style it is definitely doable and working. Remote work is reducing costs for VFX companies because a majority of their budgets is used on travel. It is also allowing companies to find talent anywhere around the globe. 

Remote work has been proven to work. Companies can now be at ease knowing that they will be prepared and their employees will be productive for remote work in the future. 

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