Renewing your Avid ProTools All Access Plan

2016-03-11-avid-all-access-01It's been a big year for Avid Pro Tools users. Last year they released ProTools 12.0 and since then we've had four more releases. The next one, ProTool 12.5 will be adding cloud based collaboration! Yes you read that write, you'll be able to collaborate and share your ProTools projects and work with other ProTools all over the world! Need a really hot guitar lick for your ballad? Perhaps a killer drum beat for your rock anthem? Or a sweet piano melody for the bridge of your love song? Now you'll be able to tap into the talents and creativity of musicians all over the globe. The old high school garage band may not still be together, but if you're all still playing, ProTools will allow you to still jam together and create your next big single! ProTools 12.5 with Avid Cloud Collaboration drops on March 31st. Make sure your Avid ProTools All Access Plan is up to date.
Avid Blogs by Tony Cariddi

Artistic Passion, Dedication and Avid All Access

To those of us in music, film or other creative arts, many others would say we’re nuts. And they might be right. We’ve committed to a goal fraught with challenges—a constantly changing business model, fierce competition, and the need to expose your own personal aesthetic, to name a few. For anyone to make such a commitment, they’d have to be irrationally passionate about their goal. I can relate.

Empowered and Energized

I’m passionate about delivering solutions that will improve the lives of creative pros and aspiring artists—including my own. Perhaps many of us on the Pro Tools team share that passion and commitment because a lot of us are artists, musicians and engineers too. That’s why we’ve committed to delivering a steady stream of Pro Tools updates all year long through Avid All Access plans.

Now we’re on the cusp of delivering another major milestone in that goal—Avid Cloud Collaboration, available on March 31st. This development enables the largest network of artists and media professionals to work fluidly with others like never before. Check out a demonstration here.

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