How to Research and Buy Shared Storage for Video

ProMax Banner When seeking storage for video production and post applications, do you know how to differentiate media optimized for video from general purpose media for general types of data? If not, ProMax a media solutions provider based in Santa Ana, California, has published some useful information on the topic in a new white paper. Written by Nate Cooper, ProMax’s director of sales and marketing and a veteran in video workflow issues, the paper provides basic guidance and understanding of shared storage for video to help end users make an informed choice. ProMax Products While there are thousands of IT vendors that can provide RAID arrays, network storage and networking services, most know very little about video production, post-production and streaming. Many an installation has failed by making the wrong choice. The vast majority of servers are designed for a large number of users (from dozens to 100’s to 1000’s) with a high number of IOPS (Inputs/Outputs per Second) and generally low bandwidth to each connected user. Video production is nearly the opposite. Video production requires fewer users (usually 100 or fewer) all with high bandwidth (often 50MB/s to 300MB/s+ to each user) connectivity to every creative user and a much lower number of IOPS. Because of these unique requirements, which are opposed to the majority of what the rest of the market needs, there are niche products that serve the video production market. [Click Here To Continue to Full Article]

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