Research Confirms Video is more Important to Consumers than Ever Before

Video consumption is at an all time high. Video is being produced and viewed at all levels. Not only this, but research shows that video is being consumed in more ways than ever before as well.

Recently, we found a great article by Pamela Bump, breaking down some recent research concerning how video is more important than ever before. We're breaking down some of the highlights from this article, below. 

How Video Consumption is Changing in 2021:

1. Consumers are beginning to rely on marketing videos from brands.

Up until recently, consumers would find reviews for products via company websites, reviews and commercials.  In some cases, they might seek out one or two YouTube videos to learn more about a product.  However, video is now more accessible than ever before on every major social media network.  As a result, consumers are relying more and more heavily upon videos to learn more about products from brands. 

2. Gen Z and Millenials "don't know how they'd get through life without video."

Every generation consumes more video media than the last, especially with the invention of the internet, and videos being more wide spread than ever.  This is most true with those under the age of 34, for whom videos have more of an impact on daily life than ever before.  

"Aside from using video for entertainment, both millennials and Gen Z prefer to watch videos for information gathering purposes. Even when it comes to learning about a new brand or product, these age groups prefer video explainers, product demos, or other marketing videos to simply reading about a company online."

3. Video Consumers want to Relax or escape from Daily Life

Where older generations would turn to traditional entertainment like sitcoms and television, or movies.  However, this generation is more likely than ever before to turn to video sharing and streaming sites to fill this same name. 

Check out this data on reasons Gen Z Reacts Positively to videos:

Check out the full article HERE to learn more. 

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