How to resolve file sharing problems with ProMax Platform

from ProMax Systems The ProMAX Platform Video Shared Storage System allows multiple users across your network to read and write to the file system simultaneously. See how Platform allows users to see what files others have locked so that frustrating permissions issues are thing of the past. What can you do when more than one user is trying to update a file or folder at the same time? Almost every user of a shared storage system has run into these file locking or file sharing issues. The problem is that most of the time your operating system throws a nameless error and so you don't know why it is that you can't save that project or delete that folder. Almost always this is because someone else has a file open that is preventing your action. ProMAX Platform gives you the ability to see exactly what files and folders other users have open so that you can resolve file sharing problems without technical support. Check out how simple this in the short video below...

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