Review 1: Telestream?s Switch aims to overtake & surpass QuickTime Pro

PVC by Allan Tepper

In many ways, Switch has already surpassed QuickTime Pro?

Back in December 2013, I published my ?first look? article about the then just-announced Switch application for Mac OS from Telestream, which in many ways has already gone way beyond what the QuickTime Pro app ever did. Now that Switch is shipping, I was able to get a review license from the company and ahead you will see what I like, and what should be added to this promising audiovisual tool.

In this article

  • Info from the ?first look? article
  • Pro Player from Digital Heaven
  • SimpleMovie X from Aero Quartet
  • Enter Switch from Telestream
  • Switch?s extended inspection capabilities
  • Switch?s current inspection weakness
  • Switch?s conversion and transcoding capabilities
  • Switch?s current conversion weaknesses
  • Switch?s iTunes Store asset preparation capabilities
  • Conclusions about Switch

Info from the ?first look? article

On December 18, 2013, I published my first look article about Telestream?s Switch (which wasn?t yet available). There, I compared two other applications that had previously challenged the QuickTime players, both QuickTime X and QuickTime 7 Pro (quite old, but still available from Apple for US$29.99). Here is a quick review before we delve into Switch. read more...

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