Review: Adobe Photoshop CS2

bridgeEvent DV By Lance Gray Photoshop CS2 is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. From the Adobe Bridge browsing tool to Smart Objects to eye-popping new filters, CS2 will make any videographer, photographer, or designer happy to hand over their hard-earned cash to purchase a program that is going to revolutionize the way they work. t's been awhile since an update to Adobe Photoshop really got me excited, but the latest release is definitely that version. Though I didn't begin using Photoshop in its initial debut in February 1990, I've been around the application since version 2.5 and I've seen some pretty great things come from Adobe over the years. Most versions have had a couple of "wow factor" additions, but there is no doubt that version 9.0 (affectionately called Photoshop Creative Suite 2 or CS2 to you and me) is packed full of enough greatness to make any Photoshop user quite happy. read more...

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