REVIEW: Adobe Photoshop CS6 revisited

DigitalArts UK by Lesa Snider

Software upgrades come and go but the newest version of Adobe's flagship image editor, Photoshop CS6, makes you sit up and take notice. This release sports a darker interface (its first new paint job in more than 20 years), a noticeably faster graphics engine, and some amazing new features that promise to improve the productivity of professional designers, illustrators and photographers alike.

Here are a few examples: The auto save and recovery features keep you from losing all your work if you suffer a crash; the new Content-Aware Move tool lets you scoot objects around the canvas; the new blur filters create shallow-depth-of-field and tilt-shift effects in no time flat; the new Adaptive Wide Angle filter fixes in-camera lens distortion; and a new Oil Paint filter lets you create a painting with nary a brushstroke. Whew! But that's just the beginning.

Many items that have been parked on customers’ wish lists were incorporated into this version, too, such as duplicating and changing the blend mode of multiple layers at once; creating dashed and dotted lines; a Migrate Presets option that lets you easily share all your presets; and more. Video editing is also included in the Standard version of Photoshop CS6 (previously it was available only in the Extended version). All this adds up to one of the most feature-packed releases Photoshop has ever seen.

As in the past, Adobe offers two versions of the program – Photoshop and Photoshop Extended. Photoshop Extended has all the features of the standard version, but adds extensive 3D capabilities, quantitative data extraction, and DICOM file support for medical systems. read more...

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