Review: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 for Mac

Event DV by Anthony Burokas Premiere Pro CS3Premiere Pro CS3 brings the Adobe NLE back to the Mac as a polished-looking product capable of handling most editing needs with ease. Editors who demand deep capability and minute control may find a few features lacking in what is essentially a version 1.0 MacTel product, but shops that use other Adobe tools, such as Photoshop and After Effects, will enjoy the integration (if they spring for the full CS3 Production Premium suite) and will find Premiere Pro a nice addition to their dock. As a longtime Mac-based Premiere editor, I switched to Final Cut Pro 1 only because Premiere 5—the latest version when FCP debuted—was a lethargic editor with a new and unwelcome user interface. If I had to learn a new program from scratch, I figured I’d give Final Cut Pro a try, and I’ve never looked back. Now, with the Intel-only Mac version of Premiere Pro CS3, we can be assured that there’s no legacy Mac code holding this version of Premiere back; it’s a ported-to-Mac version of the software that was redesigned from the ground up as Premiere Pro after Adobe abandoned the Mac platform. Also, Adobe has seen fit to offer FCP users a keyboard preset so they can make the transition to Premiere Pro a little easier by keeping keyboard commands and hot keys the same. read more..

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