Review - Boris Continuum Complete 6 for Adobe After Effects

Pro Editing @ Home by Kevin P McAuliffe

BCC6"Looking ahead, I can see BCC 6 being on people's 'Top 10 of 2009' list, as Boris has taken the one problem with After Effects (not 'real 3D'), and has given us real 3D text with complete camera and lighting support, and has taken something that works exceptionally well in Boris Blue, Deformers, and added those as well. These, combined with all of the other great effects in the package, make it something that shouldn't be overlooked."

As an editor and motion graphic artist, I love plug-ins, and every once in a while (sometimes a long while) a plug-in pack comes along that either pushes the bounds of what we know a program can do, or it takes an existing idea and improves on it. Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE has done both of those. Let's find out how they have done it, and why you are going to want to either upgrade, or get this pack to add to your collection. read more ...

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