Review: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6, A Major Update by Ben Balser

Since its initial release Final Cut Pro X it has become the fastest evolving, most often updated non-linear editing application on the market today thanks to the App Store and a very admirable team of developers who aren’t afraid to break new ground. The update version reviewed here is 10.0.6, the most sweeping update so far.

This release has a lot of new features and enhancements. I’ll look briefly at the major ones in normal workflow order. Refer to the users manual for details as there is too much to cover in this article.

Streamlined Import

This update consolidates “Import Files” and “Import From Camera” into one window with Command-I. The sidebar categorizes Cameras, Devices, Camera Archives and Favorites. For camera cards you can switching between List and Filmstrip views, plus simultaneous multiple range selections. read more...

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