Review: G-Tech G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 8TB

If you've got a thunderbolt 3 or USB-c port on your computer and are looking for reliable, enterprise-class desktop storage, check out the G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3. Here is a pragmatic review, taking a look at design, speed, price, From

G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 reviewThough solid-state drives (SSDs) have made a big splash inside the PC, the market for external PC storage remains dominated by the humble mechanical disk. The reason is simple enough: capacity, and anyone looking to store more than 1TB invariably heads towards a pre-packaged solution housing a large-capacity 3.5in drive - a tried-and-trusted combination.

That's not to say these external enclosures are boring. Seagate upped the design stakes with its USB 3.1 Type-C-powered Innov8, LaCie's efforts can hardly be described as ugly, and now a 'new' entrant vies for your style points and wallet. Enter the G-Technology G-Drive Thunderbolt 3.

Never heard of 'em? G-Technology has no fewer than 35 product lines ostensibly posited towards, as the company puts it, some of the 'highest-performing and most reliable leading-edge storage solutions for end-to-end creative workflows.' The name may evoke notions of one-man Chinese start-up, but G-Technology is wholly owned by HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), which is in turn a subsidiary of Western Digital. It is reasonable to think of G-Technology as the professional arm of the storage giant.

Expectations, therefore, ought to be high. The Thunderbolt 3 variant is offered in five single-drive capacities ranging from 4TB to 10TB, while the USB Type-C-only version runs from 4TB through to more

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