Review: G-Technology G-Dock EV with Thunderbolt and USB 3


G-Technolgy G Dock EV offers a new and extremely flexible topology for external hard drives. Here's Jim Pierson's review

The G Dock EV offers two 1TB 7200rpm hard disk drives with have both USB3 and SATA connections, plus a Thunderbolt dock with external power supply. You can use the drives individually connected directly to your workstation using the USB 3 cables provided or put both of them into the dock (where they connect using the SATA connector) and then connect the dock via thunderbolt to your workstation. The dock has 2 Thunderbolt ports so you don’t loose a port with this device connected.

My test set-up was the current 15” Macbook Pro Retina with Mavericks installed.

I like this product. It’s got a really good build quality and the stylish, small form factor matches my Mac laptop. I wonder if they’ll do a black version for the new Mac Pros?

What also appeals to me and the way I work is that I can take a removable drive and stick it in my picket to go to a client without needing a cover.

It’s good that it comes with the Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable included, and has a second port so you’re not a port down when it’s connected. It also comes with two USB 3 cables: one for each drive. read more...

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