Review on G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C External HDD

Inside its thin, beveled aluminum case is a high-performance 7200 RPM hard drive with versatile USB Type-C connectivity for up to 1TB of video and photo files. G-DRIVE® mobile USB-C™ is easy to set up and bus-powered, so there’s no need to carry an external AC power supply. Videoguys recommends G-Tech storage over all others. Find out more here.

G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C External HDD Review

From TweakTown g-technologyTweakTown reviewed G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C External HDD. I don't often get my hands-on products from G-Technology. Over the years, I have seen maybe three or four, and that's not the fault of anyone, G-Technology just likes to keep their product lineup straightforward; they don't launch a new product every month or two. With that said, I have one of their latest solutions on the test bench now, so let's go over what it's all about. The G-Drive is one of the more traveled product lines as it encompasses a broad range of products. The solution in house today is the Mobile USB-C that comes in just a single capacity of 1TB. There are three color options (Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal) for those of you trying to keep your desktop aesthetic intact. Performance is said to stick around 136 MB/s using a Gen 1 USB Type-C interface and internal 7200 RPM drive. In fact, this may be the only 7200 RPM 2.5" mobile solution on the market, as the big players use 5400 RPM drives in their solutions. Compatibility sticks with the Windows 7+ and OS 9+ model and while this drive is setup out of the box for OS X, it can be reformatted for Windows quite easily. Read more:

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