Review: Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 4

Event DV by Jeff Sauer edius 4EDIUS does a very good job handling multiple formats, and that may attract some interest from videographers who regularly work with different types of source footage. It also includes several fine new features, including an effective trim tool and a time-saving multi-camera interface. But overall, as a standalone product, EDIUS Pro 4 is unlikely to overtake a market that’s already crowded at the top. That may change as Grass Valley puts more of its own mark on the interface, but it will only happen over time. When Grass Valley moved to acquire Canopus late last year, there were logical questions about the future of some of Canopus's products, particularly the nonlinear editing software EDIUS. Canopus had a reputation for strong engineering expertise, especially with compression technology, and Grass Valley could have seen that as a major asset, particularly since the first three versions of EDIUS never matched the market share numbers of competitors like Adobe, Apple, and Avid. The release of EDIUS version 4, however, confirms Grass Valley's commitment to and support for EDIUS. What's more, after initially retaining Canopus as a separate, autonomous business unit, Thomson has now repositioned EDIUS under the Grass Valley brand, thereby leveraging a name that has been almost synonymous with broadcast-quality video for several decades. Positioned as Grass Valley EDIUS, the software now has the major backing to compete against the heavy hitters in the editing-software marketplace. read more...

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