REVIEW - Magic Bullet Quick Looks from Red Giant Software

Pro Editing @ Home by Kevin P McAuliffe

I really like Magic Bullet Looks. I like it so much that I personally think that every editor should have it in their arsenal of plug-ins, but there is one little problem. In these difficult economic times, $399 might be a little out of some people’s reach. Thankfully, Red Giant Software has decided to give us a “light” version of Looks and called it, appropriately enough, Quick Looks (MBQL). Let’s see what Red Giant has done to make this plug-in worth your while.

MBQL installs quickly and easily. A great feature of MBQL is that Red Giant Software has made it available to many different programs including After Effects, Premiere Pro, FXPlug and Avid.

MBQL is basically a stripped down version of Magic Bullet Looks. They have taken all the functionality out of the plug-in, and just gave us the “meat and potatoes”, which in this case is not a bad thing. What you get is over one hundred different looks, of which you can easily see yourself using half to three-quarters of them right away, and the other quarter for a specific project you might have coming up. The interface for Looks and Quick Looks is identical, the only difference is that you only have access to the left pane. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. read more...

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