Review: Matrox Axio

Studio Monthly By Will Holloway AxioREV UP PREMIERE PRO WITHOUT A LOT OF EXTRA DOUGH Matrox is by no means a new name in the industry. With many top-notch products that meet today’s industry standards, the company usually helps set the standard as well. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with the Matrox team, headquartered in Montreal, to see first hand how they design world-class editing systems. Matrox’s headline video editing system is Axio. More recently, the company released Axio LE, a nearly-as-powerful system that’s available for less dough. The system is based on the Axio design, but it has a different breakout box and lacks some of the full, real-time HD-editing features of the main system. Pan and Scan: You can convert footage from any aspect ratio to another, track on-screen action and see the entire source clip and the section that will later become the final result. The Axio Platform Available in several configurations— Axio HD, SD and LE— Axio’s major features are the same among the three platforms. The difference is connectivity through the three different professional breakout boxes, the bit rate for editing HD or SD footage and the real-time performance— the higher-end systems have more features and abilities. read more...

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