Review: Matrox RT.X2

Event DV by Chris & Laura Randall The Matrox RT.X2 is a long-awaited answer for wedding and event videographers looking for an HDV editing solution. With the flood of inexpensive HDV cameras on the market, current Matrox RT.X100 users have been looking for an HDV editing solution but haven't been willing to step up to the Matrox AXIO line due to its cost. Matrox has since released the Matrox AXIO LE, a lighter version of the AXIO at a lower cost than the original AXIO. The great thing about the RT.X2 is that Matrox used a lot of the core technologies that were created for the higher-end AXIO line and folded them into the RT.X2 product at a much lower cost ($1,995). The Matrox RT.X2 is a stable real-time HDV editing solution that adds filters and time-saving features to Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. Dynamic Link and WYSIWYG video output allow users to view their work just as the client would. Most editors will need to upgrade or build a new system to accommodate the card and its requirements. At $1,995, it’s not an inexpensive upgrade, but you will have a professional SD and HDV editing system that rivals much more expensive options. Real-time Preview First, let's look at what the Matrox RT.X2 card does for video editing. Those who have edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 or earlier versions know how valuable real-time preview is—when it works, anyway. Real-time preview allows you to see your video with effects as it would play back in real-time. Unfortunately, you often have to render out these effects before you can export your video to DVD or other formats. And sometimes your system can only support real-time playback at a reduced frame rate (Premiere Pro scales playback quality based on what your system can handle). With the RT.X2 card, you eliminate the need to render your video before exporting your project. Video playback is smooth with multiple effects applied, and scrubbing of the timeline is lightning-fast. read more...

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