Review: NewBlueFX's TotalFX

Post by Jonthan Moser
NewBlueViewfinderEffectIn July 2008, I reviewed NewBlueFX's first foray into the AVX world...simply called NewBlueFX. This was at a time when third-party support for Media Composer was on a bit of a decline and I was interested in finding out about this little company that was taking a chance with Avid when they were already successfully supplying filters for several other platforms.
At the time, I found the collections to be a kind of “Wild West” assortment of various FX, ranging from transitions to “looks” to motion effects with a wide (and somewhat rambunctious) scattering of oddities in between. While unique, it was sometime hard to separate the wheat from the chaff as startling new effects were intermixed with a lot of retro and “blah” looks not quite up to primetime standards, and there was little organization between them.
What a difference a few years makes!
Redesigned and retooled (along with NewBlue's dynamic new Website) TotalFX is a complete overhaul and repackaging of their entire line, including the robust Titler 3 — itself a capable, powerful titling solution. The entire suite adds up to a comprehensive and expansive collection. It puts all previous suites under one umbrella and adds some new tricks. If you are a previous NewBlueFX user/purchaser, NBFX offers substantial discounts for upgrading to this new release.
There's a lot of reworking under the hood.
NewBlue went through their entire collection of effects with a fine-toothed comb, throwing out a lot of questionable oddities, obsolete and redundant effects, reorganizing the myriad groups into useful and descriptive categories, streamlining, retooling code, adding more control and, especially useful, adding a ton of new presets. read more...

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