Review: Newtek TriCaster Studio

TriCaster StudioEvent DV There have been few reviews that I have looked forward to writing as much as this TriCaster Studio review. The TriCaster Studio is made by NewTek, creators of the seminal postproduction product, VideoToaster (now VT[5]). TriCaster Studio is the latest development in the TriCaster product family line, joining TriCaster and TriCaster Pro. For more information on NewTek’s other products, I suggest that you visit their website where you can view a great side-by-side, feature-set comparison of the entire TriCaster family. As the name suggests, TriCaster Studio a self-contained "studio-in-a-box." It is capable of live switching between six cameras; real-time chromakeying; multiple upstream effects; dual DDR playback; live CG, audio mixing, and video editing; live video streaming; live, simultaneous AVI and WMV recordings; and more. In effect, NewTek has squeezed the capabilities of a broadcast control room into a large black shoebox. The TriCaster Studio is designed to be a live production workhorse. In addition to the features mentioned above, the TriCaster has the capability to capture and edit to get media in and out of the box. read more...

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