Post by Tim Kolb fx4500 DVI connections are based on a standard established in 1999, capable of handling 165 million pixels per second. When we get beyond feeding 1920x1080, 60fps, 24-bit material, we hit the limitations of the pipe. 2K resolution fits under the data rate ceiling when running at 24 fps, 24 bit†¦but if the lowest refresh rate of our panel is 60Hz, then even when we’re working with 24fps media, we still need a display pipeline that will refresh at 60. The Digital Display Working Group ( took this into account when they developed the DVI standard, as there is a provision for two data streams of 165 Mpels/s within one cable. Dual-link DVI, which has been in use for scientific and analysis purposes for some time, is fast becoming a necessity for those of us working with monitoring beyond 1920x1080. The two most popular LCD displays that would require dual-link DVI for full resolution use — available today — are the 30-inch Apple Digital Cinema Display and the 30-inch Dell UltraSharp widescreen LCD panel. With a maximum screen resolution of 2560x1600, these panels are capable of not only giving you some insane desktop acreage, they also are capable of displaying full raster (2048x1556) 2K resolution images pixel-for-pixel. I happen to be using the Dell monitor, but I have no intention of comparing these two panels or starting an argument over which, if either, is better. This review is about one of the data hydrants you can use when you need fire hose-sized pixel delivery. read more...

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