Review: Nvidia’s Quadro K4000 running on an HP Z420

PostPerspective by Brady Betzel

As far as graphics cards go, Nvidia and AMD are at the head of the pack. Given Apple’s recent inclusion of AMD only on their latest Mac Pro, the competition is heating up.

For the longest time I built my own computers, not really focusing on my graphics card solution because in the end they all achieved relatively the same level of greatness, as far as I was concerned.

Years ago it was my ATI All-In-Wonder card that helped me get started in editing. However, today we are being forced to choose sides, and not all graphics cards are created equal. Trying to see what graphics card will suit you isn’t always clear: Do I want the AMD card that has 6GB of 384-bit GDDR5 or will the Nvidia card with 3GB of 192-bit GDDR5 memory do the trick? Everyone has their own needs and budget.

So full disclosure: I’m an Nvidia guy. On a daily basis I use Adobe’s After Effects and Photoshop, and Avid’s Media Composer/Symphony. read more...

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