REVIEW OF ROXIO DVDit PRO HD Blu-Ray Video Authoring

ON2DVDReviewed by Mark Shueard of ON2DVDÂ ®, Australian reseller of NLE systems & components. It seems like it was not that long ago, when this tech and video junkie plonked down $2200 dollars for a Pioneer A03 DVD burner bundled with SONIC’s Reel DVD authoring software. At the time it was cutting edge stuff. Now it’s common practice for mums and dads to shoot their video on their camcorder, transfer it to their computer, edit it and make a DVD. Something about that makes me feel, well, common again. This is why I had to have DVDit PRO HD. Recording your video in high definition and connecting to your HDTV is great, but until now, no viable way to put it on a disc and play it back like a DVD as the DVD standard only permits standard definition video. Today, I review ROXIO’s Blu-Ray authoring software DVDit PRO HD which does indeed open up this possibility. Conclusion: At this time, ROXIO DVDit PRO HD is the only software that can author a Blu-Ray disc on PC without selling your house, so the few features it lacks are to be expected. I am sure in time extra features will slowly be added as competition hots up. In the meantime, I can say without hesitation that DVDit PRO HD is nothing like DVDit V2.5 that so many remember when the DVDit name was tainted by bugs. This product (on my system) performed its tasks flawlessly without even a hint of the system instability that plagued the older versions. The price is more expensive than normal DVD authoring software, but it does make Blu-Ray discs. read more...

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