Review on Hauppauge MediaMVP - HD

by Tipstir

Here's some great videos reviewing the Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD I found via

Well I have one of these devices now. I've own the first model since 2004. Now 6 years later second model sports 1080p, handles even MKv, MP4 all the (Avi) formates. Picture quality on my HDTV is excellent viewing from MediaMVP - HD. There are some glitches I've found in the wired network side. Just took a very long time for DHCP to pickup the device. Of course I could go static IP. Entering the numbers are done by the same remote you seen in the prior MediaMVP SD but the 45 button remote not the old 23 button remote. Takes time to get the numbers lock in. Remote as to be aimed at the unit. Does a good job over 12-14F, I've tested. The USB (which is only one on there) works great with my WD Passport 250GB HDD. No audio sync issues.

LAN is 10/100 not 10/100/1000 so that's one of the cons on the unit. To me it's kind of slow starting, but that was from the Belkin N+ I was using as the main DHCP. When I had switched by over to the ESR-9850 with Hardware Network Engine it had loaded quicker.

I've made a few videos on the unit so far so bear with me. The 3rd video will show it in action and also comparing it with the prior unit. I have SageTV Extender running on the old one gives you TiVio like interface. I guess so far SageTV folks don't support MediaMVP HD. Would be nice if they did. There is another con with the menus and listing of videos seem to be cut off like the prior MediaMVP was. That's why I had to create new GUI and plugs for the old version.

  1. Hauppauge MediaMVP - HD (Intro)
  2. Hauppauge MediaMVP - HD (Unboxing)
  3. Hauppauge MediaMVP - HD (Hands-on)
  4. Hauppauge MediaMVP - HD

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