Review: Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro

MacLife by Roberto Baldwin
Burn Hollywood, burn!

toastMacs have shipped with the ability to burn CDs and DVDs--via the finder or an iLife application--for a while now. With all that disk-burning going on for free, some people wonder why Roxio continues to produce its Toast application. Despite the Mac’s burning chops, for some, the built-in applications in OS X just don’t cut it. We’re happy to say that Toast 10 Titanium Pro is still the heavyweight burner of choice.

Toast 10’s core functionality is still rock solid. If you need an audio CD burned, Toast is there for you. If you need an ISO 9660 disk burned, Toast has your back. Even DVD-ROMs…yeah, Toast can handle it. With the myriad formats Toast already supports, Roxio has added the AVCHD archive. This new feature gives you the ability to back up your DV tape to disc. And while no Apple computer ships with or will play Blu-ray, Toast 10 will burn disks for your Blu-ray player. Plus, your HD digital video camera doesn’t seem like a waste of pixels when you burn a disc for TV viewing. If you haven’t dropped the moolah on a Blu-ray burner for your Mac, Toast also allows you to burn up to an hour of HD video on a DVD that will play in a standalone Blu-ray deck. It’s not as nice as Blu-ray proper, but it’s serviceable until Blu-ray discs drop in price. read more...

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