Post by Ron DiCesare SFP4 Sonicfire Pro 4 is the latest version of SmartSound's customizable, royalty free music library. Sonicfire does nearly the impossible by offering a powerful program to search, edit and re-arrange music from their library to fit any length you need, complete with a musical ending. The music edit is not achieved by speeding up or slowing down the tempo or pitch of the music, nor is it done by traditional editing techniques such as butting one section against another. Amazingly, the end result is a fully "composed" piece at the click of a mouse, no matter what the duration is. THE MAESTRO All of SmartSound's music is catalogued in a searchable database, with numerous styles and keywords available. It's called the Maestro. Here you can access both the Strata Series of customizable music selections and anything else from SmartSound's music library available through the Web. For my purpose, I selected the customizable music found only on the Strata discs. Finding music was a snap with the preview function. The Preview with Timeline feature allowed me to audition the music with my project. This was handy when working with video. Once I selected a piece of music, I simply dragged the curser to the desired length. Extending a piece of music from :30 to : 60, or shortening a two-minute song to :45 was never so easy. SF4 can insert more than one piece of music into your timeline at a time, giving you even more control. I found this invaluable for the "problem/solution" scenario found in many TV and radio commercials I work on. Blending an "ominous" music piece into a "positive" resolve can be done based on the timing of your video and/or your voiceover, all in the SF4 environment. read more...

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