Review: Sony Media Software Cinescore

Studio Monthly by By David English cinescoreLet the Music Play Music can greatly enhance a visual medium. Imagine The Godfather without its traditional Italian songs and emotionally gripping score from Nino Rota. Or The Lord of the Rings trilogy without Howard Shore’s sweeping musical compositions. Whether you’re creating big-budget Hollywood films or low-budget training videos, music can mean the difference between engaging or losing your audience’s attention. Short of hiring a composer and a group of musicians, the best options have been looped-based composition programs, such as Sony Media Software’s Acid Pro, or music-generation programs, such as SmartSound Software’s Sonicfire Pro. Loop-based software can be effective if you’re willing to spend a significant amount of time learning the interface. Music-generation software is easier to use, but the resulting music can sound generic if you don't tweak it first with some of the newer mixing tools (such as those in Sonicfire Pro 4). read more...

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