Review: Sony Vegas Pro 13

ProductionHUB by Andre Elijah

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a Non Linear Editing system from the folks at Sony Creative Software akin to other professional mainstream NLEs from Avid, Adobe, and Apple.

Like those other NLE's, Vegas Pro 13 has all of the day to day essentials required by a modern editor including, a timeline, media bins, a viewport for the selected clip, as well as a viewport for the timeline. Additionally - all of the tools in terms of making selections and trimming are where you'd expect.

Since I come from a career of mainly editing documentaries - one of the things I've come across lots of is mixed formats of footage. RED, 5D mark II, GoPro, P2, XAVC, and files transcoded in ProRes. I'm glad to report that all of these formats work easily in Vegas Pro 13 - and it is as simple as drag and drop. Additionally you can mix and match all these types of footage in the same timeline without issue.

Keeping in the theme of interchange - Sony Vegas Pro 13 supports a wide array of project formats to import and export. Among them - Adobe Premiere project files can be imported, as well as XML's from Final Cut 10 as well as 7, Avid, etc. To test this, I imported both a music video I edited in Premiere Pro CS6, as well as a doc edited in Final Cut Pro 7. I am glad to report that in both instances - Vegas Pro imported the timelines perfectly, replicating every cut and transition. read more...

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