Review: Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite

Event DV by Jeff Sauervegas 7 There’s a lot to like about the new Vegas+DVD Production Suite, particularly if you happen to shoot with XDCAM. Vegas 7’s improved HDV support will appeal to a much broader audience, as will the faster audio processing, and the new DVD Architect features advanced scripting and some nifty DVD timeline enhancements for motion menu designers. Vegas remains quirky in places, but it’s a deep editor with a lot of features, and most of those features are right at your fingertips in the main interface. Veteran users may remember Vegas debuting some seven years ago as little more than a video editing extension for audio editors. It was from the crack staff of midwestern software developers at Sonic Foundry that already claimed a large installed customer base from their hugely popular Sound Forge audio editor. Vegas might have been a roll of the dice, but video was a logical expansion for both the company and their user community. Vegas quickly became a favorite for editing music videos along with Sound Forge, but also gained a following with event videographers and other independent producers. Now owned and developed by Sony, arguably the biggest name in the video industry, Vegas 7 continues to mature. It has amassed a feature set that rivals Adobe's Premiere Pro, Apple's Final Cut Pro, and Avid's Xpress Pro. Yet Vegas, while thriving among the cognoscenti, has remained something of an outsider in the video industry even though it's now a Sony brand. read more...

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