Review: Tiffen Dfx V.3 Creative Editing Suite

Post by Brady Betzel

One name that is a standard in photography and videography is Tiffen. With their wide array of filters, from circular polarizers to neutral density filters and even infrared filters, people like me who only dabble in photography have definitely heard the name Tiffen. Naturally, when I was scrubbing through my Twitter feed on #Postchat and all other forms of post hash tags like #postdontstop, I found the Tiffen Dfx V.3 video plug-in to be blazing trails on the scene.

I was curious, I had never heard the name Tiffen within the plug-in ecosphere before and immediately thought, “how are they going to be able to create a top-notch plug-in that will adequately represent their trusted brand name the way their other physical products have done before?” Well, they partnered with the company Digital Film Tools, which offers plug-ins such as Film Stocks, Photocopy and Rays, to name a few. I love the way Rays works without having to go out and get a degree in discrete mathematics to customize an effect, and the results are pretty incredible. I realized Tiffen was in great hands and further found that under the Tiffen Dfx video plug-in hood were many parts that I was familiar with.

New to Tiffen Dfx V.3 is Color Shadow, DeBand, DeBlock, DeNoise, Film Stocks, Glow Darks, Key Light, Rays, Texture and Match. These may sound familiar because the plug-in is basically giving you some of the other Digital Film Tools plug-ins within Tiffen Dfx V.3 for a price that is far below other color tinting and effects products. Not to mention the beautiful Tiffen Filters included, such as HFX Star, Black Pro-Mist, Smoque or GamColor (a gel recreator).&

If you haven’t seen these yet, do yourself a favor and check out and click on the image gallery. They have examples of every plug-in inside Dfx V.3. The ones I mentioned above are a couple of my favorites because they allow you to add as subtle or as striking of a look as you want. Once you take a discerning look you will notice the organic quality and texture that Tiffen Dfx is giving to these images. read more...

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