Revolutionize Legal Video: Epiphan's High-Performance Solutions for Modern Courts

In the legal world, tradition meets innovation with Epiphan's cutting-edge hardware tailored for video capture, streaming, and recording. Here's how Epiphan can transform your court's video infrastructure:

1. Modernize Your Infrastructure: Epiphan offers high-performance hardware that seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, ensuring easy deployment and compatibility.

2. Streamline Evidence Presentation: Simplify courtroom procedures by displaying digitized documents on in-room monitors, keeping everyone on the same page.

3. Comprehensive Video Recording: Record trial proceedings with vital details like date and time overlayed, creating a comprehensive record for future reference.

4. Enhance Public Access: Create overflow and press rooms by streaming proceedings to smart TVs or set-top boxes, enabling the public and media to follow along remotely.

5. Seamless Live Streaming: Stream trial proceedings to any platform for broader accessibility, allowing court reporters and the public to watch from anywhere.

6. Flexible Video Conferencing: Incorporate video conferencing feeds into your productions with customizable layouts and overlays for a professional presentation.

7. Hybrid-Ready Remote Hearings: Manage fully or partially remote hearings with Epiphan's hybrid-ready hardware, ensuring smooth operations regardless of location.

8. Simplified Operations: Epiphan's dedicated hardware features intuitive interfaces and controls, requiring minimal training for operators.

9. Custom Layouts: Easily create professional-quality layouts with custom combinations, cropping, and scaling of video sources to suit any legal scenario.

10. Remote Management: Streamline device management with Epiphan Edge's cloud-based dashboard, offering full remote access and control for AV staff.

11. Dependable Hardware: Invest in durable hardware built to last, with rugged components and rigorous testing ensuring long-term reliability.

12. Future-Proof Solutions: Epiphan's open platform and API enable seamless integration with existing AV hardware and flexible content management workflows.

13. Versatile Streaming Protocols: Choose from a range of streaming protocols including RTMP(S), SRT, HLS, and MPEG-DASH, catering to your specific setup requirements.

14. External Storage Support: Record multiple channels in industry-standard formats and store files on USB drives, internal storage, or local servers for easy access.

With Epiphan, take your courts to the forefront of video technology, simplifying production with professional-grade equipment and reliable customer support. Revolutionize your legal institution's video capabilities today.

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