Revolutionize Your Event Video Production with Epiphan

The landscape of event video is ever-changing, and the future holds exciting possibilities that can drive engagement, increase accessibility, and simplify the production process.  Tune into Epiphan’s live from InfoComm show on Thursday, June 15th at 12pm EST.


Epiphan would like to invite you to their live interactive call-in-show. It’s an opportunity to hear from and connect with experts:

  • Andy Carluccio from Zoom will discuss easy participation and making every space a studio for event video production.
  • Ben Thomas from MarketScale will forecast the future of events and how accessible productions deliver authentic engagement.
  • Dan Wallace from Epiphan will share how cloud production makes events easier to capture, stream and record.

Don’t miss this live event filled with insights, candid discussion, and a chance to pose your questions to our expert participants!


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