RGBlink mini Switchers fit Perfectly in your HDMI Production

This weeks Videoguys Live Webinar is all about RGBlink mini switchers, including the mini, mini+ and mini-pro are powerful four input HDMI switchers, with incredible flexibility allowing them to fit into any live streaming production. We'll be discussing some exciting new updates from RGBlink, as well as some great special pricing.

Check out the webinar on YouTube Below:

Special Pricing:

Videoguys is happy to report special pricing on all of the RGBlink mini switchers.  This starts with the RGBlink mini, which is now available at the new low price of $279. The RGBlink mini+ is now available at that same $279 price, while supplies last.  Lastly, the RGBlink mini-pro is now available at it's year end special pricing of $399

RGBlink Switchers fit Perfectly into you HDMI Production,​ with these Features: 

RGBlink mini, mini+ and mini-pro Feature Overview:

  • Switch seamlessly between any of the 4 HDMI inputs 
  • Output to both HDMI and the USB 3.0 for live streaming
  • Large buttons make quick actions easy
  • T-bar allows smooth transition between sources
  • Compact in size, mini goes anywhere!
  • On board features include PIP, transition effects and external audio embedding
  • mini+ and Pro add support for Sony VISCA PTZ cameras and DSK

Comparing Features of Each RGBlink Switcher:

RGBlink mini, mini+ and mini-pro Can be Controlled Via XPOSE Software or Directly on the Unit Itself!

XPOSE Software Allows:

  • Additional Inputs
  • Logo Overlay
  • Chroma Key
  • Fine Tuned PTZ Control

Check out our previous RGBlink Webinar that Discusses the XPOSE Software

​Firmware Updates:

RGBlink mini Firmware Update 1.12​ and mini+ Update 1.30 

Support for A/B Layer Scale and Crop Adjustment

This is perfect for complex streams with composite layering to increase engagement.

Firmware Overview:

  • Press Menu to pop up the menu interface
  • X knob now makes proportional scaling adjustments
  • Y knob is used for independent adjustment
  • PIP defaults to right-side aligned:
  • Settings easily accessible by pressing M

Interface Update Overview: 

  • Easily change between CUT and Fade-in/Fade-out 
  • Preview/Program screen now features friendly universal naming
  • Changed the signal indicator colors on the preview and program output screens to match industry standard
  • Signals that are not selected as preview or program now have a white frame, to show they are still connected
  • Preview source will blink green in TBar Mode

RGBlink mini-Pro TBAR Update:

  • Your PTZ Camera can now be controlled regardless of the position of the TBAR 

This makes operation quicker and easier for when you are midway through 
your production.

RGBlink mini-Pro Picture-in-Picture Update:

  • You can now simultaneously scale both A and B sources 
  • When you turn your PiP off, your key and overlay elements will automatically be turned off

RGBlink mini-Pro Device Build Improvement​:

  • Fan noise minimized and reduced
  • Increased speed and efficiency 
  • Analog audio input reduces noise
  • Video recording color quality improved for a sharper picture

RGBlink mini+ or mini-pro Feature PTZ Camera Control 
for Sony VISCA  and DSK

​The RGBlink mini+ or mini-pro can control cameras from RGBlink, BirdDog, and PTZOptics.

Check out our Tutorials of Camera Control with BirdDog and PTZOptics Cameras: 

BirdDog Cameras:

PTZOptics Cameras:

RGBlink PTZ Cameras 

  • 20x high speed optical zoom
  • High performance in low light with Wide Dynamic Range
  • White Balance control
  • 1920x1080p Full HD camera resolution 
    up to 60fps
  • H.265/H.264 dual stream output adaption
  • HDMI & SDI outputs

Videoguys has two PTZ Cameras Available from RGBlink.  These cameras include:

mini+ with RGBlink PTZ Camera Bundles Extended 

The RGBlink mini+ is easy to hook up to a PTZ Camera, including the ones made by RGBlink.  That's why these bundles are excellent ways to get started live streaming:

RGBlink mini+ with 1x RGBlink PTZ Camera

RGBlink mini+              $399.00
RGBlink 20x Camera   $999.00

RGBlink mini+ Bag FREE with Bundle
$1,478.00 Total Value
$1,249.00 BUNDLE

RGBlink mini+ with 2x RGBlink PTZ Cameras

RGBlink mini+              $399.00
RGBlink 20x Camera   $999.00

RGBlink 20x Camera   $999.00

RGBlink mini+ Bag FREE with Bundle
$2,477.00 Total Value
$1,999.00 BUNDLE

These bundles are available through the end of the year- 12/31/2021. 

RGBlink Workflows: 

Need Multiple Cameras, Sources or Picture in Picture Capabilities to Boost Engagement for your Video Conferencing? 

The RGBlink mini switchers can ​be used as your webcam in almost any major video conferencing application.  The USB output can feed directly into the platform of your choice including Teams, Zoom, Google Meets, or Skype. 

Building a Portable Multicamera Production Solution that Requires Graphic Elements like Titles & Lower Thirds, Scoreboards, Etc?

The RGBlink mini switchers all feature an HDMI out which makes them perfect for integration with other switcher encoders like the YoloLiv YoloBox, or YoloBox Pro.  This will allow you to expand the PiP and input capabilities of your YoloBox, while adding lower thirds and custom graphics to the output of your RGBlink.  This also means you can stream with your YoloBox without a computer. ​

Do you Want to Stream Directly from the RGBlink?​ Want to add multiple cameras to your LiveU Solo?

Pairing your RGBlink mini switcher with the LiveU Solo and SoloConnect bundles allows you to stream from anywhere using cellular bonding, while adding more than just one HDMI input to your LiveU Solo. ​

Are you Setting up a Multi Camera Remote Contributor to your Production?

Use the RGBlink mini switcher with your Epiphan Pearl Nano, which will allow for multiple cameras to be used with a contribution encoder that allows for SRT.​

​Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about RGBlink HERE.

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