Richard Harrington's Response to David Pogue’s “Professional Video Editors Weigh In on Final Cut Pro X”

By Richard Harrington

Before I begin ... let me say this.
  • David Pogue is a fine gentleman who I have met several times. He is smart, he is generous in his knowledge, and he is fair. He is not a shill and his article was trying to be helpful (I commend him for getting Apple to answer questions).
  • He is not a video editor. Nor does he try to pass himself off as one.
  • I am sorry this response is SO long. It's technical and it's important I be clear and detailed (I've already been criticized and accused of being an Apple hater or colluding against them).
I would like to briefly respond. But before I do, a brief overview.
  • I have been a certified instructor for three of the A’s that make video editing software.
  • I have produced Final Cut Pro tutorials which have been given away for free for years as podcasts through iTunes.
  • I have written several books on Final Cut Pro (as well as other products).
  • I do use other company’s tools (always have).
  • My opinions here are based on owning a 10-person video production company which has built its infrastructure around Final Cut Pro for 10 years.
  • I am not even going to touch on the challenges of completely retraining my staff and myself on something that is so radically different. You thought people whined when Microsoft added the Ribbon to Office...go look at what editors are saying in the App Store reviews. Remember only people who actually BOUGHT the application are allowed to rate it.
Hopefully that’s enough context... Let’s begin. (Red is Pogue’s summary of the complaint. Blue is his answer (with input from Apple). Green is my response. read more...

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