ROI: Matrox MX02

Studio Monthly by Jem Schofield


I love portability. Everything I do is focused on creating the highest quality product with the smallest kit possible. I always want flexibility and portability when integrating new products into my production to post workflow.

When I first heard about the MXO2 I was unsure of how the product would fit into my predominantly tapeless world. I was familiar with the Matrox MXO, which is used as an output/monitoring device (essentially turning your DVI monitor into a proper HD/SD video monitor), but couldn’t really understand why I would want to use the MXO2. Well, now that I’ve had some face time with this little box, I can safely say I get it.

So, what is the MXO2?

The MXO2 is a portable and completely codec-agnostic input/output (I/O), device that’s designed for a number of workflows. It’s processor dependent, which means that the faster your system is, the better performance you’ll get out of the box (especially when working with HD source material). It can do 10-bit up/down and cross conversions when capturing and outputting projects and is designed to work with Final Cut Pro, Color, After Effects and other QuickTime apps that support the V-out component, like Motion and Soundtrack Pro. read more...

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