Roland AeroCaster iOS App adds features to your Roland Switcher

Roland has recently put out a great video giving a brief overview of what their AeroCaster Switcher app can do! 

This free iPad will easily add to your existing Roland workflows and capabilities and can be used wirelessly via your WIFI! Just connect your iPad to to an HDMI input on your Roland video switcher and now you can switch warless camera feeds from any iOS and Android devices. This also can be used for screen sharing computer screens of mobile devices. 

But adding wireless video sources to your Roland Switchers is not all! The AeroCaster can also do graphics, titles, video clips, pictures, and lots more!

Compatible Devices!

Roland AeroCaster is compatible with the following video switchers. Many are sold here at Videoguys

Get a more comprhensive list of compatable Roland Switchers with the AeroCast here!

Watch the full video here!

Learn more about Roland here!


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