Roland V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer

The new Roland V-02HD MK II is the latest from Roland, which improves greatly on the already popular and powerful V-02HD mixer. This mixer is great for small productions, and with the added power of the MK II, it now fits great into a direct streaming workflow as well!

Live streaming has taken a new place in prevalence in the last few years, and having a switcher integrated into your stream is a massive advantage.  Think about Zoom or video conferencing calls.  If you can integrate a switcher rather than a single camera, you can boost engagement with your audience by having multiple cameras, and in some cases visual effects and graphics. 

The Roland V-02HD MK II is perfect for this workflow.  One feature that has been added is a direct USB-C output, meaning that this switchers program output can be brought right into your video conferencing setup, as easy as your webcam.  This is also great for direct streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Etc, by just picking your switcher output as your camera source. 

Podcasters, and small streamers who loved the original V-02HD will also love the MK II, as it still packs the ability to easily switch between two cameras, and bring in external audio sources, along with onboard graphics and effects. 

Check out this video from Roland to learn more about this great switcher. 

"Ditch your webcam and upgrade your livestreams with the new V-02HD MK II Streaming Video Mixer. Just connect two HDMI cameras and livestream on your favorite online platform or computer-based software including Facebook Live, Twitch, OBS Studio, and Zoom.

The V-02HD MK II is the world’s easiest two-camera livestreaming solution. With its intuitive layout, large controls, and T-bar fader, it’s incredibly simple to operate, even if you have no broadcasting experience.

Go live in three quick steps:
1. Plug in up to two sources via HDMI, including cameras, computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.
2. Connect the USB-C output to your computer.
3. Launch your streaming software and select the V-02HD MK II as the camera source."

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Roland HERE.


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