Roland V-02HD Video Mixer Review

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In comes the Roland V-02! Easily this met many of the requirements most live producers need in a switcher. When it comes to mixing multiple sources, this switcher is hard to beat with its easy to use and simple layout.

Roland V-02 (Top)

The Roland V-02HD works with HDMI inputs and outputs. Videoguys primarily uses SDI, but I understand why Roland went with the decision to use HDMI. There are almost countless cameras, devices and such available.

This switcher uses 4:4:4 color space and 10-bit video processing. There are multiple HDMI inputs (with built in scalers) and two HDMI outputs. Wide ranging frame sizes are no problem either like 1080p59.95!

Roland V-02HD Connections

Unlike other Roland switchers I have used, the V-02HD’s HDMI outputs can be configured to use projector resolution standards, such as XGA, WXGA, and WUXGA, to name a few.

Robert Reinhardt (Director, VideoRx)

Mix any of the inputs you have. For example, switch between multiple HDMI sources with just the touch of a button.

Yet the Roland V-02HD is customizable. The Boss FS-6 foot pedal can be attached and used to control transitions and such! Videoguys even has a bundle for this right here!

The Boss FS-6 Foot Pedal

There's an app for that

The Rec 1.10 firmware which works with the V-02HD can easily be used on an iPad and free to download on the Apple App. Therefore editing on the road is entirely possible!

I used the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera adapter to connect a USB Type B cable between my iPad Pro and the V-02HD. With the iPad app, you can control settings much more quickly than using the OSD (On Screen Display) menu over the Preview HDMI port.

Robert Reinhardt (Director, VideoRx)
Roland V-02HD remote app for the iPad

Still images can be stored in the memory. This is entirely usable with the DSK features or even as a fade in/out option. All this can be done by uploading the image from a computer input using an HDMI source. Use the computer screen for the main monitor though.

The V-02HD also has tons of effect features. The Part Mosaic came up a lot in conversations. It pixelates specific areas on the screen you want. So using this to censor out faces, certain words, or products is quite easy.

What else?

Most presenters use power points, a layout, things like that. The computer utalizing the slide deck would use an HDMI output to one or both of the HDMI inputs on the V-02HD.

A setup example

As for audio, there is a lot that can be done.

I would route through the camera’s microphone input and carry over the HDMI output from the camera to the V-02HD switcher. You could connect the output from an audio receiver or mixer to the analog Line In on the V-02HD.

Robert Reinhardt (Director, VideoRx)

The V-02-HD Preview Out can be hooked up toany HDMI-capable display. This can be customized to monitor both the live output along with the preview screen. But if multiple output screens are needed, an HDMI splitter would need to be used.

Another thing is the use of SDI cameras. An HDMI to SDI converter is needed. Though the fact this is still possible speaks volumes to the V-02 HD's viability.

I would likely use the still image store on the V-02HD for a standby graphic to use before and after the event. The Output Fade control enables you to fade from a standby graphic to your first shot, as well as fade to the standby graphic at the end of the presentation. You could also use the still image at any point during a broadcast during speaker changes or session breaks for longer broadcasts.

Robert Reinhardt (Director, VideoRx)

More than one switcher?

The V-02HD comes in handy if a larger switcher is being used and it runs out of ports. Picture in Picture (PiP) can be done too. Like a case of the an American Sign Language needed for a key note speaker. They can be displayed using the V-02HD while the main video can be switched with a larger switcher.

In conclusion

The Roland V-02HD is a great tool for anyone in the live streaming business. Though the lack of any SDI ports is a bit of a turn off. There is also no network port or wifi connectivity which is a pain when out on the field. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic backup switcher or a main switcher for a beginner in the streaming world.

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