Roland V-160HD Switcher is Perfect for Hybrid Events

Robert from Streaming Media was able to review the Roland V-160HD Video Switcher. This video switcher is marketed as a product that "sets a new standard in hybrid event switching". Hybrid event switching is quickly accelerating as a new standard itself in the live streaming industry. In this review, Robert goes over the top 10 features of the Roland V-160HD.
1. USB Output
"The Roland V-160HD has the newer USBC-style port, and you can use any number of USB 3-to-USB-C cables on computers without USB-C ports. The beauty of this simple USB camera source feature is that you no longer need to set up a dedicated SDI or HDMI output from the switcher to use with SDI or HDMI capture hardware on your computer, as I’ve had to do with other video switchers."
2. Input Assign
The Roland V-160HD has 8 independent HDMI and 8 independent SDI inputs. It also has the ability to assign the input source for each of the 10 cross-point buttons.
3. Four PinP or Key Composition Layers
Roland V-160HD has more console buttons to make input position, selection, preview, and program output easy. 
4. Two DSK Overlays with Alpha Channel Support
The V-160HD switcher also features two independent Downstream Keyer (DSK) compositors.
5. Audio Inputs
The Roland V-160HD has 2 balanced XLR inputs, two RCA (left/right) inputs, a USB-C audio input, audio channels available in the SDI or HDMI inputs, and a new bluetooth input.
6. Output Control
  • "Program: The final PGM/A composited feed from the switcher, including any or all active PinP/key or DSK effects. You can control it if you want PinP/key or DSK layers enabled or disabled in the program output within the menu settings.
  • Preview: The PST(B) feed for the “on deck” input
  • Aux: The selected input for the AUX mode on the console
  • Sub Program: Identical to the Program view, but with separate control for PinP/ key or DSK layers
  • 16 Input View: Outputs a 4x4 grid of all SDI and HDMI inputs
  • 16 Still View: Outputs a 4x4 grid of all still images stored on the V-160HD
  • Multiview: Outputs the PVW and PGM views side by side, along with eight cross-point input views"
7. Macros and Sequencer
The Roland V-160HD can record and store up to 100 macros, which then can be used with the new sequencer controls.
8. Enhanced Control with External Apps
The Roland V-160HD works with the Remote Control Software (RCS) dekstop applications for Windows/macOS, as well as a new iPad app.
9. Console Button Highlight Colors
"The MODE button below the PinP/key 3 controls enables the operator to quickly switch between the aux, memory, and macro features and have specific coloring."
10. Physical Dimensions
"I’m amazed that all of these features are packed into a unit that’s just barely bigger than the V-60HD switcher."

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