Roland V-60HD Video Switcher is a Great Choice for Worship

The V-60HD is ideal for multiscreen environments usually found in churches, conference centers, hotels, and trade show facilities where different content needs to be switched to independent screens. Cut, Mix with cross dissolve and NAM, FAM transitions. Use up to 30 different wipe patterns. Time based corrected and frame synched provides seamless transitions between 6 video sources and 2 still images instead of buses. Here's a review: From

roland v-60hd switch for houses of worship...While not “Big” by any measure, the V-60HD does have some features on it that are typically reserved for larger production switchers. These include a DSK (downstream keyer), dedicated memory/aux control buttons, and talley output. The DSK on the V-60HD supports both luminance (black/white) and chroma (blue/green) keying for compositing two video sources. It also has an additional layer of picture-in-picture, plus a background video layer, allowing for compositing of up to three layers of video....[continue reading]

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