Roland V-1HD & V-1SDI: Did you know?

Roland's been sharing some very cool information and videos about their products on their Facebook page. We decided to pull some of them together to create this little Did You Know post about the remarkable, affordable and portable V1 family of video mixers. the V-1HD feature 4 HDMI inputs, while the V-1SDI features 4 SDI/HDMI inputs. The Roland V-1HD HD Video Switcher takes 4 HDMI inputs, and audio inputs for an easy-to-use switcher with professional features and results. At your disposal is a switcher with plenty of Mix Effects and Wipe Patterns, Output Fade (B&W), Transform, Freeze, BPM Sync for Performance, Picture-in-Picture, Audio Mixing, Remote Software/App Control and many more features. The V-1HD provides a number of professional compositing effects. Compositing two videos in one screen using Picture in Picture or the split function is ideal for seminars and presentations. The V-1HD also supports chroma key and luminance key which ideal for creating professional looking broadcasts using green screen backgrounds or for overlaying computer generated titles on top of video sources. Included in the RolandV-1HD AV Mixer is a 12 channel digital audio mixer. The V-1HD can mix 4 stereo audio inputs from the HDMI ports, the stereo line level input and a mic level input. Every channel is equipped with a delay function* to synchronize the video and the audio. Audio follow function enables the audio to transition along with the video. Reverb function and mastering function used for adjusting sound quality and volume are also supported. The nal audio mix is both embedded in the HDMI output along with the video signal and is also output to the stereo audio output jacks for sending the audio mix to a PA system or recording it on an external device. *The maximum delay time is 500ms. The four-way multi-view preview screen of the RolandV-1SDI Video Mixer shows all four input sources on a single display for confident monitoring. A red border shows the video currently being output and a green one indicates the video to be output next. It also includes audio metering for all input sources and the main output. The combination of SDI and HDMI inputs in the V-1SDI makes it ideal in a variety of configurations for both an all camera applications and applications that mix cameras, video sources and computer data sources. Here are three examples of how the V-1SDI can produce professionalresults in webcasting/livestreaming, installation and live events. This webinar "Video Toolkit Essentials for Producing and Streaming School Events" explains the pieces and components needed to produce and stream your school events. In this webinar, you will learn about audio and video switching, graphics, scoreboards, encoding, recording, scheduling and streaming your school events. Featuring the Roland V-1HD switcher and Roland VR-50HD, the most popular switchers for streaming schools events. Remote control is possible with the V-1SDI RCS dedicated computer software for Mac and PC connected via a USB cable. The application offers a detailed view of the connected V-1SDI and can be used to switch video, mix audio or change settings. V-1SDI RCS Ver.1.5 supports sending a Still Image to the V-1SDI. The STILL IMAGE EDITOR allows both images and text to be edited making it ideal for easy, on-demand creation of subtitles and graphics. For integration with A/V control systems, the V-1SDI is equipped with a serial connection for control by industry standard RS-232 serial controls.

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