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Roland V1-HD Live Streaming BundlesVideoguys has put together two Roland V-1HD live streaming bundles that include an HD switcher and live streaming appliance for less than $2,000! The Roland V-1HD is an amazing little HD switcher that packs a ton of features and performance into a compact, lightweight, portable device. It began shipping late last year and it is a huge hit! One of the drawbacks of the V-1HD is that, while it has a ton of live mixing features, it does not allow you to stream your productions live on the internet. Videoguys has put together two live streaming bundles that solve this problem and give you a budget friendly complete live switching and streaming solution.
You get your choice of streaming encoder (Matrox Monarch HD or Teradek VidiU Pro) bundled together with the V-1HD for just $1,899!
V-1HD is an ideal portable solution for schools, houses of worship, corporate, and event video. It lets you switch between HD Cameras/ camcorders, action cameras, PTZ robotic cameras, PC/Macs, Blu-ray players, even smart phones/ tablets. Switch between any combination of four devices you want as long as they have HDMI output. It effortlessly mixes high-resolution computer and HD camera sources and lets you add unique filters, wipes, and transitions; professional compositing effects such as Picture-in-Picture and the Chroma key / green screen / weatherman effect; bring in graphics, titles and lower thirds; plus you get Roland’s legendary “TRANSFORMER” buttons for spicing up live events. The V-1HD is so easy to use and set up that it's the perfect tool for students or volunteers of all ages for producing sporting events, performances and other activities on campus or in your house of worship. It is also ideal for presentations in conference rooms or at live events because it allows switching of video from different sources, such as computers and video cameras.

Videoguys' Roland V-1HD Live Streaming Bundles

The Roland V-1HD has 2 HDMI outputs: one for preview, another as the master output. You can take the HDMI output and feed it directly into an encoder, or split it first and feed both the encoder and the HDMI screens around your venue. The encoder will require internet access in the room with either wired ethernet, Wi-Fi, cell service data, or a combination of the three. Each encoder is a little bit different with some different features and benefits. Both the Matrox Monarch HD and Teradek VidiU pro come with presets for popular CDN (Content Delivery Networks) such as You Tube Live, UStream, Twitch and dedicated worship CDNs like Worship Channels or educational CDNs like CUBE. They support more complex streaming services like Wowza, Akamai, and Azure as well. All you need to set them up is a user account for your CDN/ streaming provider and about 15 minutes to input the proper codes /settings to link them up. For best results Videoguys always recommends using 720p as your video setting for all your video gear including your cameras, mixer and encoders. By streaming at 720p you can be confident that the majority of your viewing audience will have no problem viewing your streams in full resolution and frame rates. When you use 1080i or 1080p for your streaming you run the risk that your viewers may not have the bandwidth available to properly watch your programs.

Roland V-1HD with Matrox Monarch HD

Roland V1-HD and Monarch HD Live Streaming Bundle

Roland V-1HD with Teradek VidiU Pro

Roland V1-HD and Teradek VidiU Pro Live Streaming Bundle
The Matrox Monarch HD connects to the V-1HD via HDMI and to the web via your wired ethernet connection. Not only does the Monarch HD allow you to stream your productions, you can attach a portable USB drive to it, such as our G-Technology G-Drive RAW and record your video in the native resolution. That’s one of the coolest features of the Monarch HD. You can stream at one resolution while recording in another. Afterwards you can bring in the video files from a USB drive into your favorite NLE and edit them in all their native hi-res glory. Learn more by watching this video tutorial. The Teradek VidiU Pro also connects to the V-1HD via HDMI but it can connect to the internet via wired ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular data. Of course your bandwidth may vary greatly on location based on the internet connectivity. Teradek offers an application called Sharelink that allows you to bond multiple cell phones together to achieve and maintain enough bandwidth for 720p HD streaming. You can learn more about Sharelink by watching this tutorial. The VidiU Pro can also record your programs to an SD card, but the recording will be at the same resolution used for your streams.



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Both of these live streaming bundles can and will deliver the same great quality encoding and streams. Of course the final quality of your streams will be limited by the available bandwidth you have at your location. Assuming that bandwidth is not an issue, your audience will be amazed at not just the video quality, but the production quality can be with either one of these affordable bundles. If you have bandwidth concerns the Teradek Sharelink technology can utilize up to 4 different internet connections to maximize your bandwidth.


Both the VidiU and Monarch HD are small devices. You can fit your V-1HD and either encoder easily in a back pack, along with a couple small HDMI cameras like Canon Vixias and a field monitor like our SmallHD 501s. Of course you'll still need additional gear like tripods, lights and mics. But I think you get the idea. You don't need a van full of gear to produce fantastic multi-camera live video streams. If you're in a church or school you can easily pack up and store your gear between events / productions. This can also be set up and run on the corner of a desk in the boardroom or for corporate video work.

The right solution for tight budgets

For under $2,000 these live streaming bundles will allow you to easily produce live, multi-camera events without the need for a dedicated computer or expensive dedicated hardware like a NewTek TriCaster. Even though it's a bargain at $5,995, the TriCaster Mini is out of reach for many organizations. (If you have that kind of budget we would be more than happy to go over all the additional features and performance a TriCaster gives you.) For $1,899 these live streaming bundles give you the ability to mix between up to 4 HDMI sources, add all kinds of transitions, graphics, titles and effects, plus stream live on the internet. That's a winning combination and hits the sweet spot for getting started with live video production and streaming.
If you have questions about these live streaming bundles or others, please give us a call and one of our trained Videoguys sales staff will be more than happy to review the features and give you a recommendation. Just call 800-323-2325 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST.

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