Roland VR-1HD Mixer Lets You Podcast Like a Pro!

Podcasting, and video podcasting, is on the rise with close to 1 million podcasts and 30 million episodes being consumed daily. Pop Up Podcasting has taken a close look at the Roland VR-1HD Streaming Mixer and shares how the auto-switching feature (video follows audio) can easily help create professional standard videos.

Check out this video from Pop Up Podcasting on the VR-1HD Below:

The Roland VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer is the perfect tool for creating video podcasts like Joe Rogan because of it’s incredible auto-switching feature (video follows audio). Connect up to 3 HDMI cameras and 2 XLR mics, then stream your content via OBS and other apps to YouTube.

Pop Up Podcasting

Check out the video on Youtube HERE

Learn more about Roland HERE

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