Roland VR-1HD Review and Basic Hardware Tutorial

The Roland VR-1HD is an inexpensive mixing appliance for professional video productions priced at just $1,495. The device is an alternative to both Wirecast and vMix which are both software based mixers. recently released an overview of the VR-1HD and all of it's advanced capabilities.

As an overview, the VR-1HD mixes audio and video from multiple sources and sends a configurable webcam-like USB stream to a computer to push to a live streaming service.

Lets take a look at some of the features highlighted in this article.

Video I/O

The VR-1HD has three HDMI video inputs. One of these inputs is also a no-latency passthrough to HDMI output. This makes the product perfect for gamers, as it allows zero video delay while streaming.

There are also two XLR 1/4" combo jacks featuring phntom power.

Audio Mixing

The mixer also has a great interface for managing audio. The set up is straight forward and easy to use.

The VR-1HD is a great, intuitive tool and a solid option for most streaming productions.

Check out the full guide on the product from HERE

Learn more about Roland HERE

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