The Roland VR-4HD is a powerful switcher device from Roland with built in streaming capability. This is a very exciting addition to the Roland catalog, so we wanted to share a case study, of some users already using this great product.

Facebook Live is one of the most popular streaming destinations, and has helped organizations of all kinds reach their communities. This includes Valerie Studios.

Valerie Studios is a creative company based in Cincinnati. It is incredibly important for them to for them to build a high quality live stream to continue contact with their community, constantly.

The Roland VR-4HD is the perfect tool for Valerie Studios to build their live stream correctly. Valerie Studios creates two consistent live streams including Music Live and More with Les.

These are high quality productions that function as an outgoing message from Valerie Studios- a very important aspect for this kind of business.

The Roland VR-4HD has made me into the kind of content creator and producer you need to be for live-streamed marketing. Two years ago, I had never run a camera; now, we’re doing minimum three-camera shoots for our productions, and the Roland VR-4HD is the hub for all of that production. It’s not just part of the production process – it’s been part of my entire entrepreneurial process. We’re excited about helping people and organizations broadcast their message on social media at a professional level. Using the VR-4HD, multi-camera switching, high-quality sound, and graphics can be introduced into a Facebook Live stream, or on a YouTube channel or website, with the VR-4HD providing a true turnkey broadcasting solution.”

Leslie Fultz, Valerie Studios

Check out this full article from Roland to see the entire Valerie Studios Case Study.

Learn more about Roland HERE.

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