Roland VR-4HD Provides First-Class Live Streaming Experience

Roland recently created a great article detailing how award winning photographers Eye Jogia Photography chose the Roland VR-4HD in their workflow. The device was used to build a better experience for their London consultation rooms. Best of all, it also future proofed their corporate AV workflow.

The Problem:

Covid-19 made face to face consultations impossible in the Eye Jogia showroom, which was an absolutely essential part of their process.  As the world turned to video conferencing, Eye Jogia didn't want to compromise of the experience their clients had.  

"Despite the (Covid) restrictions, we were not willing to compromise on the quality of our consultations—we had to find a way to bring clients into our world. A standard video call was too 2D, we wanted to provide something more engaging; to be dynamic and give the client the same depth of experience that they would receive on a visit to the showroom—or as close as possible under the circumstances."
-Sanjay Jogia, Eye Jogia

The Solution:

The solution they landed on was the Roland VR-4HD, which featured enhanced audio as well as excellent video and visual control.  This device was perfect for the now virtual consultations to be carried out in the highest quality, with the built in USB3.0 web streaming being fully utilized with Zoom, Skype or Teams.  

Check out this article from Roland to learn more.  

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